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LESSON: How to be a sailing parent

LESSON: How to be a sailing parent

Published on May 26th, 2023


Moose and Kris McClintock have both been intimately involved in high end sailing their whole lives. In this report, Moose shares how as parents they introduced the sport:

When we had our daughter, we were keen that she get into a sport of some kind to socialize and stay healthy. We had her take tennis lessons, she played soccer, tried swimming, played softball, and ran cross country and track.

For each sport, it was all with no intention of it becoming an overwhelming part of her life but more to keep her involved and hoping that she would click with one of them (she still runs daily).

As we were sailing all the time, we decided that she should learn that as well, not so much that she would become a racer but that we could do more things together, and understand why dad kept disappearing for weeks (or months) at a time.READ MORE

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