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State of the Etchells Class

State of the Etchells Class

Published on April 17th, 2023


The first races for the 2023 Etchells World Championship will need to wait as line squalls coming and lightning strikes on the opening day kept the 63 teams onshore for the 47th edition to be held April 17-21 in Miami, FL.

In advance of the event, here is an update on the Etchells Class:

Sometimes out of crisis comes positive action and renewed energy. A few years ago, the International Etchells Class was confronted with a serious measurement issue that caused anxiety, concern, and differences of opinion among the membership at-large.

Class leaders responded by conducting an honest assessment of the situation then crafting the most fair and equitable solution. A potential uprising was averted and the cooperation required to address the problem has created momentum that has moved the class forward.


“This class went through quite a challenge over the last three years. The Mould 11 issue was very divisive and it caused a bit of a rift,” said Jim Cunningham, chairman of the Etchells International Governing Council (IGC). “We needed strong global leadership to step up and resolve the issues. We’re now using that same strong global leadership to map out our future.” READ MORE

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